If you are short on time, or if you live in an area that does not allow open composting but you still want to compost, the Keter Dynamic Composter is an ideal product for you. A fantastic alternative to standard compost bins, the tumbling composter is suitable for both the beginners and experts in composting.

Rotating composters, like the Keter Dynamic Composter, are gaining in popularity due to the simplicity of use. Compost tumblers simply require you to fill the drum composter with compostable material, such as lawn trimmings and old food, and turn it on every 7-10 days.

The innovative gear used in Keter Dynamic Composter allows effortless tumbling, even when the drum is almost full. Extra-large mixing fins and controlled ventilation improve the composting process and make it faster. In fact, this compost tumbler shortens the overall composting time to approximately six weeks, depending, of course, on the compostable materials being used.

The Keter Dynamic Composter features a positive locking latch that ensures that the door is closed perfectly to prevent spills when the drum is rotated. The drum composter is turned on with a handle. By containing the compostable material in this way, Keter Dynamic Composter will keep your hands clean and your compost contained in a neat and tidy manner.

Another advantage that Keter Dynamic Composter has over traditional compost bins is the design. Most compost bins are large and bulky, often making small spaces or yards look cluttered and messy. However, Keter Dynamic Composter is small enough to fit on a patio (measuring 37.8” wide, 25.79” deep, 37.8” high) and comes in a stylish yet classy black and lime green finish. An yet, this tumbler composter can hold over 60 gallons of compost.

With Keter Dynamic Composter, you can recycle waste for compost quickly and effortlessly. Start composting like a pro with another excellent product by Keter.