It’s time to bring the fun with Keter’s Kids Plastic Playhouses. These toys address two factors that are of most interest to parents - the issue of safety and fun. These kids play houses offer just that and more. Best of all, kids will actually love them for their attractive look and parents can rest assured that their children are safe. 


With Keter’s plastic playhouses you get quality items that both boys and girls can enjoy. They come with all the types of features that make them good value for money. A UV resistant coating ensures that the colors will remain bright for a long time, even if these plastic playhouses are placed outdoors.


Keter understands that plastic playhouses for children have to be strong enough to stand up to rough play as you never know what little ones and not so little ones will want to do. Plus, some fresh air in the warmer months is also welcomed, so a high-quality kids play house should be perfect for both indoor and outdoor play.


Of course, any outdoor plastic playhouse should give the kids enough room to move around. That is why Keter’s playhouses come in different styles, such as the Magic Playhouse and the Jumbo Playhouse & table. With heights of nearly five feet, you know there is ample room for lots of playtime fun.


Keter’s plastic playhouses are ideal for encouraging imaginativeness among children. They pretend that they have their very own castles, forts, clubhouses, anything that kids need at any given time. You can also relax knowing your kids won’t leave the backyard, not when they have their own clubhouse is right there. The accompanying stools and chairs and other items make these kids plastic playhouses almost like a real house.


Whether they are plastic outdoor playhouses or indoor playhouses, they offer the kind of construction that you want in your children’s toys. They are strong enough to last for years, yet perfect for playtime even for kids of varying ages starting at 3 years old. You will be also pleased and impressed to learn just how easy they are to assemble and care for.


You can easily turn your backyard into a place of fun and imagination. Keter’s plastic outdoor playhouses offer a number of options. Explore options like the Magic Villa or Rancho Playhouse for playtime memories that kids will treasure forever.